Just for Laughs: Take a Diet Coke Break

Since the hero in Worth Waiting For is a construction worker, I dug up this blast from the past that you’ll probably remember. When this commercial came out, it caused quite a stir.

It’s a little funny and a lot sexy.  All I have to say is, they don’t make commercials like they used to. LOL. Do you remember it?

15 responses to “Just for Laughs: Take a Diet Coke Break

  1. Hmmm…I could use an 11:30 break right about now.

    It’s interesting how edgy those commercials were for the time, when you look at where we are now. Some of those ladies looked so frumpy in that commercial, I imagine they could use whatever excitement they came across. And is it not the thing to advertise a man with hair on his chest anymore? They shave it in ads now.

    • Oh, yeah, this was the highlight of these women’s day–not that I can blame them.

      You bring up a good point, too. The hair vs. no hair argument. I don’t have any problems with chest hair, though I do have my limits on how much. Nowadays, you never see chest hair on a man on book covers, in commercials/ads, etc. I saw a conversation on FB a few weeks back where people were debating whether or not a man with a beard on a romance cover would be sexy. I was surprised at the number of women against it.

      • I prefer a little hair, actually. I think a man shaving his chest is rather
        feminine and not the thing MEN do. I can’t see a man taking time to
        do that. I would very much like a beard on a romance cover, Maybe
        it’s me but hair just make a guy look and feel more masculine. I guess
        Hollywood leads the trends on what’s in and out. Once a sexy, hairy
        guy comes along, he’ll be everything every woman wants in her own
        man. And I really think that Old Spice guy would make me drop Denzel
        if he had some chest hair. Maybe. Hmmm?… Maybe not.

    • You’re preaching to the choir. Hair is not bad in my book.

      I know how much you love Denzel. You almost had me there for a minute with that comment about the Old Spice guy. I was about to call my pastor to see if hell had frozen over.🙂

  2. People seem to be moving toward an anti-hair everywhere position lately. I like a go-tee, but not a beard or a mustache. Chest hair…never though about it much. If it’s not too much I suppose it wouldn’t be a turn off for me. But I guess it all comes down to the man. The beard thing I guess I can see how people wouldn’t find it attractive. In this country it’s kind of SOP to think men should be clean shaven and I think that’s based on business based dress codes. Whereas in some other countries men in the office have beards and there’s no issue with it. I think society tends to base a lot of things on one accepted norm without leaving room for any deviations from it.

    There’s a guy around here who definitely remembers to shave his chest hair, but clearly forgets to put pants on over his underwear before he goes outside for a smoke. I think I’d prefer the chest hair over the view of his boxers in the morning.

  3. I like goatees, too. Beards are also OK with me, but not bushy ones. Neat and low cut beards are sexy to me.

    That showing your boxers thing drives me bananas! It makes a man look so unkempt. I just want to yank their pants up and give them a belt to hold it in place. Ugh.

  4. I started smiling immediately. That’s still a great commercial, there’s nothing shirtless a man in good shape. This reminded me of a sweet memory. After that commercial came out, my friend in the office started what she called, the “hunk” file. All the women contributed a name or a picture to help fill the file–she and the other women rejected my picture–I offered one of Ralph Lauren. He was looking good😉

    And, now that it’s mentioned I have always had a man with a small mustache and close beard.

    • Aw, I can’t believe they rejected your pic, Vannie. Tough crowd.🙂

      I think this commercial was perfectly done. It wasn’t too much–just enough sexiness to draw your attention. And it’s one that you remember, and you remember the product, too. Sometimes commercials are memorable on their own, but I can’t even remember what they’re advertising, y’know?

  5. Delaney, in this case I would have just been happy if the man had bothered to put some pants on over his underwear. No pants at all! Not even the sagging kind…You and my mom would get along very well on the unkempt pants issue. She can’t stand it either. I still don’t know why men outside of prison do this. It’s so much better if their pants fit their form.

    • Capri, I misread it. O.M.G. You’re kidding me. Lol.

      Oh, the sagging pants…sigh. Then you have the ones who take it to the extreme, where the pants are mid-thigh so I can see everything. Then they have this wide-legged walk because they’re trying to keep the pants up! If they wore the pants the right way, they wouldn’t have to worry about it.

      You know, I may have to write this into one of my stories, because it really gets under my skin.

  6. Oh yes, I remember this one

  7. If I remember correctly the guy in that commercial was a construction worker and was the boyfriend of the gal who was either part of the production crew or advertising firm. He stopped by one day to see her and got drafted for the commercial. It was the only “thing” he ever did – that I know of. Seems he had a few offers, but turned them down.

    Men have hair! It’s the testosterone and part of what makes them men and not little boys. I think most woman balk a the really hairy guys with tufts of hair over their shoulders, but a little chest hair and that stripe that leads to heaven scream masculinity! What woman doesn’t like to pet the hair on a man’s arms? I could go on, but you’d get nailed for having an X- rate blog. LOL

    Remember the commercial with the window washer? And the kitten tucked in his pants? LOL Yeah, we all appreciate a good-looking man.

  8. E, I didn’t know the story behind how he got the role. He did do a few other things, though. He did a stint on All My Children and had a part on another TV show. This commercial was definitely a good thing for him.

    I had to google the commercial with the kitten cause I’d never heard of it. OMG, thanks for letting me know about that one. First of all, the window washers in my city NEVER look like that. And that was too funny. LOL!