The Blind Date: Free Copy & Contest

The Blind Date is free on Amazon! I gave away pdf and epub copies a couple of weeks ago to anyone who’d like a copy for their ereader. Now it’s time for anyone with a Kindle or using the Kindle app to get their free copy. The book will be free until October 7th, after which it goes to the regular price of $2.99. Click here for your free copy: Amazon

In addition to giving away The Blind Date for free, I’m having a scavenger hunt contest as part of my virtual book tour to get the word out. I’ve been hosted by some great authors and sites that focus on romance.  Check them out and you’ll probably find more books you’d like to read. You have nine days to submit your entries.


How many winners: Two lucky winners

Prize: Winner’s choice of four (4) of the following items:Fan items_Oct 2013

  • $20 gift card to Amazon or Barnes & Noble
  • Delaney Diamond T-shirt in large or extra large
  • Delaney Diamond two-tone tote bag
  • Delaney Diamond keychain
  • an autographed copy of Hot Latin Men Vol. I
  • an autographed copy of Hot Latin Men Vol. II
  • four bookmarks with Delaney Diamond book covers

Eligibility: You must be a subscriber to my blog. Prizes open to U.S. and international entrants.

How to enter: Correctly match each blog on my tour with its description. All answers can be found at the links I provided unless otherwise stated.

Deadline to enter: October 13, 2013 at 11:59 pm EST

Winners will be notified by email and announced on this contest post.

Good luck!

Blog Tour Stops:

Candace Shaw, Book Spotlight

Chicki Brown, Book Spotlight

Deatri King-Bey, Book Spotlight

Empi Baryeh, Book Spotlight

Eugenia O’Neal, First Date: 4 Clues That He’s Into You 

IMRR Book Club, Sh*t My Heroes Say

JL Campbell, Book Spotlight

Kiru Taye, Book Spotlight

Long & Short Reviews, 4 Ways Romance Novels Ruined My Life

LV Lewis, Book Spotlight

MJ Kane, Book Spotlight

Nia Forrester, Book Spotlight

Romance Lives Forever, Interview

Romancing the Book, Book Spotlight

Romance Novels in Color, 4 Fun Ways to Jazz Up Your Book Club Meetings

Romance Junkies, Interview

Sharon Cooper, Interview

Synithia Williams, Sex is Not Just for the Bedroom


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20 responses to “The Blind Date: Free Copy & Contest

  1. This was tough, but I have to say that I enjoyed it. It gave me the opportunity to discover new authors, and I know have them on my list to check there website and books.

    Thanks Delaney


    • Oh no, was it hard? I tried to make it easy to find the answers while you were on the other sites. I’ll think of something else next time. It’s good to have the feedback, though, and I’m glad you at least found other authors to read.


  2. This was fun I needed the break!!




    Ms Delaney Thank you for making us aware of the Free Copy of The Blind Date on Amazon. I am now a Proud owner of Kindle copy for my IPad. I really appreciate all your Awesome reads. Please keep them coming. Sincerely Jackie


  4. Thanks so much for the giveaway!


  5. Hi Ms. Delaney,

    You know I am a follower of your work. I loved this contest. Most of the authors, I already follow. I did, however, enjoy getting to know about and visiting the ones I did not know. Kudos to you, this was fun and rewarding.


  6. You’re welcome, Jackie and Nylne!

    Stephanie, I’ve read books by most of these authors and enjoyed them, so I know you’ll have plenty of pleasurable reading time ahead.


  7. belindaegreen

    Hello Delaney,

    I liked this hunt a lot! It did give me the opportunity to review their blogs in depth. The bad part,—I knew and have read books by most of the authors. I’m glad I had the opportunity to explore the sites who do book reviews. They were new to me so that was a plus. I will be checking them out in the future.

    Delaney, the contest was beautifully done! Thanks for the opportunity. Hopefully, I’ll see my name in lights! LOL. 😀

    Take care
    Belinda G


  8. Fun Contest!!! Thanks for the entertainment and the insight on all of those blogs!!!


  9. Great Contest! I enjoyed hopping around the different pages and a few I signed up to follow. Thanks for everything!


  10. Belinda, I’m not surprised you knew a lot of them. You’re such an avid reader.

    Glad you enjoyed the contest, Nakia and Nikki, and I’m glad you found new blogs to follow.


  11. I had a blast with this contest. My wallet is not very happy but my library is ever so full. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to find more authors and blogs.


  12. I love the contest. It introduced to more authors and books to read. I’ll love it even more when I win! Thanks Delaney! 😀


  13. You’re welcome, Thelritta.
    Nice try Monica, lol, but I’m glad you enjoyed the contest.


  14. You all did an awesome job on the scavenger hunt! I’m really impressed. But there can only be two winners. The list randomizer has chosen, and the lucky winners are….Pam and Monica!

    Thank you to everyone who participated. I will contact these two ladies to find out which items they’d like to pick for their prizes.


  15. ummm… i got this email at 5:19am today, oct. 14 — was this a mistake??
    The Blind Date: Free Copy & Contest
    by Delaney Diamond
    The Blind Date is free on Amazon! I gave away pdf and epub copies a couple of weeks ago to anyone who’d like a copy for their ereader. Now it’s time for anyone with a Kindle or using the Kindle app to get their free copy. The book will be free until October 7th, after […]

    Read more of this post


  16. Sandy, I don’t know why you received the message today. The notice was sent on October 4 to subscribers of my blog (note the date up top on the blog post). There must have been a delay by your email provider.


  17. Hi Delaney do you have a date when The Blind Date will be on something other than Amazon? I’ve check ARE Books A Million and Sony but none of them have it yet. Thanks


    • Hi Kimberly! Things slow down this time of year at the retailers, but I’ll have it to the sites early enough to get approval and uploaded in time for December 20th. No guarantee on B&N because they can be kind of up in the air, but ARE should be good to go!