Giveaway and Playing for Love by Tia Kelly

Please welcome Tia Kelly to my blog with her new release, Playing for Love! PLAYING FOR LOVE is the first novel from the Wilkersons in Love series. Tia invites you to come meet the Wilkersons and get ready to fall in love. I’ve got the blurb and an excerpt, and she’s giving away a free Kindle copy of the book to one lucky commenter.

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Kenneth Wilkerson, baseball’s MVP of breaking hearts isn’t in Craymont looking for complications. With an injury that has him sidelined from the game he loves, and the latest scandal in his wake involving a woman who is very much engaged to someone else, the last thing he needs is to get mixed up with Paige Scott.

Paige Scott, a former party-girl, has a very murky past and even murkier relationship with Kenneth’s best friend Carlos Ortiz. Paige knows Carlos watched her go from it girl to broken and when she finally healed, he made it clear to her that he would not step aside to let another man in just to do it again.

But Kenneth lets nothing stand between him and what he loves.

Love for the game… his family… and her.


“Open the door, Paige,” Kenneth demanded in between knocks.

He pulled up just in time to see her walk into her front door. His athlete’s reflexes were not enough to make it before she slammed it in his face.

Finally the door swung open. “I need you to leave.”

Kenneth pushed himself inside and reached out to tilt her face upward. He felt the dampness on her skin and felt worse.

“I probably shouldn’t have left, but I didn’t know what to expect after last night.”

Paige pulled back, wrapping her arms around herself. “You didn’t know? Or didn’t care.”

Kenneth leaned against the wall and let his head fall back. “Paige, you were drunk.”

“And that makes this better?”

“No, it doesn’t.”

He looked at her while she took a seat at the bottom of her steps.

“Why did you do that?”

Paige looked away, chewing nervously on her lip while tugging at her shirtsleeve. “I don’t know.”

“I think you do.”

“Is that what you do? Psychoanalyze the women you sleep with the morning after?”

“Paige, I don’t have any regrets about last night except for one.”

She looked up and searched his face to prepare her for what he was about to say. “And that is?”

“That I was the only one that actually wanted to be there.”

Paige pulled back and stared at him. “You make it sound like I used you.”

“Didn’t you?”

Paige huffed. “We have to work together until you’re released back to your team. I can’t have this conversation with you every time we cross paths.”

“And you won’t.” He stared back to her and sat on the staircase next to her. “Look at me, Paige.”

She glanced up, releasing the edge of her sleeve. Her expectancy and uncertainty warned him that whatever he had to say, he needed to be careful in how he delivered it.

“Typically, I don’t care about what happens the morning after, but there’s something in your eyes that tells me last night was more than just a one nighter for you.”

“What makes you think that?”

“Because last night scared me, too.”

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Prize: a Kindle copy of Playing for Love
How to enter: Leave a comment below telling Tia which professional sport you think has the hottest athletes.
Deadline to enter: Thursday, December 5, 2013 at 11:59 pm EST. The winner will be announced in the comments on Friday and contacted via email.

Good luck!!

83 responses to “Giveaway and Playing for Love by Tia Kelly

  1. Brittany Rose

    Hi Tia and Delaney!!!

    I love some basketball but I think baseball actually has the hottest athletes!! Who knew ?!? Lol


  2. Michelle Jones

    Good Morning Ms. Tia Kelly and Ms. Delaney Diamond.

    Baseball has the hot athletes.


  3. Reblogged this on tia kelly and commented:
    Delaney Diamond has one question for you… which professional sport has the hottest athletes? Check out her blog today and share your answer.


  4. Enjoyed the excerpt! I am going with soccer!


  5. Hi Tia and Delaney,
    I would have to say that Hockey players are hottest players in sports as a whole… Just my preference to gawk at tall white guys who are built, quite “well..”. LOL!


  6. Hi Delaney and Tia,
    I think that basketball players are the sexiest followed closely by hockey players


  7. Football then basketball


  8. Hi Ladies,

    I vote for runners. Love to watch track and field during the olympics.


  9. Schawndria Jones

    Basketball! Tall long lean…long arms and legs…..smh…lol


  10. Hi Delaney and Tia,
    I believe football players (quarterbacks) are sexy. Tall, dark, brown, cream,black, fine.


  11. I think football players are the hottest athletes. Big thighs, strong legs, broad backs, washboard abs, sculpted arms…whew!! Plus there are multiple body types in one sport which are based upon the positions played but ALL are ripped and ready! Yassssss!


  12. I think football has the hottest athletes.


  13. Give me a big, strong football player any day!


  14. Baseball players are hot!


  15. I ‘ve got to go with Yolanda and say runners. No padding needed. Umm, except for one place, lol.

    Best of luck with your debut novel, Tia!


  16. Or should I say, good luck with the first of this series, Tia!


  17. I prefer basketball players with their shorts and sleeveless shirts showing off all their ripped muscles. Whew….lol


  18. I think wrestling has the sexiest athletes


  19. Delaney, football definitely has the hottest athletes!


  20. hazelann tenia

    soccer all the way


  21. Hi Delaney and Tia,
    I think hockey has some of the hottest players out there.


  22. hey Tia and Delaney
    I recently read a smoking hot erotic romance about a basketball player in a curvy girl I really liked it it was smoking hot so my pic would be basketball


  23. sorry I meant to say a basketball player and a curvy girl my bad


  24. Those Sexy Soccer players!!!


  25. Football, followed by soccer, and basketball


  26. Baseball has the hottest athletes.


  27. Hi Delaney and Tia

    I have to go with baseball players all the way. It’s just something about a baseball player.


  28. I love me some football players but by far I would have to say that baseball men has this hands down. I enjoyed the excerpt.


  29. My vote is for the runners. Tia I enjoyed your Love Sessions series, this one sounds good also..


  30. I know I suppose to only choose one sport but it’s a tie between baseball and rugby.


  31. I say FOOTBALL PLAYER……………this sound like a great book.



  32. Alveria gaddis

    Love Baseball and Football but Football has the hottest men.


  33. Track & field has the hottest men. Followed by basketball and football.


  34. Rebecca Leftrict

    Tia Kelly | December 3, 2013 at 10:35 am I’ve always had a fondness for basketball players especially when Michael Jordan played.And still to this day I find myself watching the game.But when I had my son and as he got older and started to play sports which ranged from basketball,baseball,football and last but not least my son played soccer which I found to have the hottest men.


  35. Hi Delaney and Tia,

    The sport with the FINEST athletes is without a doubt football (both styles – US and UK)!


  36. Thanks everyone for participating and showing Tia so much love. Nothing like a sexy athlete to get the dialogue going. Lol.

    The winner is….Schawndria Jones! Tia has given me the code for your Kindle copy, so I’ll be sending that to you in a little bit. Have a great weekend, everyone!


  37. My vote is for football players. Seeing Colin Kaepernick, Cam Newton, Tre Mason, Clay Matthews, Aaron Murray and the rest make me a believer!
    2nd is Soccer!