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Please welcome Shakir Rashaan to my blog. For you BDSM fans, he’s the real deal, and he’s here to tell us about his new book, The Awakening, and share a blog post to give a unique perspective on his polyamorous relationship. Let’s get started!

Tell us about yourself.

There’s not much to tell, kind of LOL. I’m married with two kids, I work in the education system in the Safety & Security department, and a few other things that would make people think I’m “normal” so to speak. I hold three degrees, including a degree in Criminal Justice, and I played college basketball on the Division I level before injuries cut my career short. On the flip side of the coin, I am a Lifestyle Dominant (women love using the term Alpha Male, but I’m that and a whole lot more), my wife and I are what is termed a Dominant Couple within the BDSM community, I’m a flirt, I love to seduce when the opportunity presents itself, and, as I say on the Blog Talk Radio show I co-host: I’m a Hedonist, not a heathen. There’s a difference! 😀

Which TV show(s) can you absolutely not miss every week?

Goodness, I can give you a rundown based on the day of the week!

Mondays: Almost Human, The Black List, and Sleepy Hollow; Tuesdays: Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.; Wednesdays: American Horror Story: Coven; Thursdays: Scandal and Elementary; Fridays: Dracula. Thanks to my wife and our submissive, I now have to add Dr. Who to the list, but I can’t remember what day of the week that comes on (thank the gods for DVR).

What is your dream car and why?

I know folks would say a Maserati or a Lamborghini or a Ferrari, but I’m not a small man. I stand 6’6” tall, so my dream cars are going to be American muscle all day long! I want a Cadillac Escalade…if He shows favor and I am able to enjoy some longevity as an author, that’s the first thing I’m getting!

Is there such a thing as too much sex in a romance novel? Explain.

Being an erotica author, I would say everything is usually in moderation, with some extra spice thrown in there. There are those who say there’s no such thing, but for me, if it flows within the story line, I say there’s not too much. Pleasure by Eric Jerome Dickey is proof of the balance between the two, even though some of his fans and readers felt there was too much sex in it. I highly disagree (can I say I love me some Nia Simone Bijou? Whew!).

What is your favorite body part on a woman?

Anyone who has followed me on Instagram or is connected to me on Facebook knows the answer to that question LOL! I’m primarily an ass man, but I also am a sucker for a pretty pair of eyes and a pretty set of suckable lips. 

What can readers expect from you next?

This next year is going to be crazy, to say the least! The Awakening is out now, and Legacy, the second book in the Nubian Underworld series, will be set for release June 10, 2014, and Tempest, the third book in the series, has a December 2014 release. I also signed a three-book deal back in November with my publisher, Strebor Books, for my mystery series Deviant Intent, which is being repackaged as my Kink, P.I. series. The first book in that series will be set for a late 2014/early 2015 release with the first book, OBSESSION. I also will be featured in several anthologies in which I will bring out a variety of characters, from Cougars to Incubi, and a few other things in between.

Blog Post

 I am in a polyamorous relationship with my wife.

Waits for the crickets to stop chirping as people pick their collective jaws up off the floor.

What? Did you think I simply made all that shit up in the books I write? Did you not read my disclaimer in the books? C’mon, son!

Hold on…before you start sending out the pitchforks of “why did you get married in the first place?” allow me to explain a bit.

My wife and I have a submissive, and in “vanilla” terms, she would be our girlfriend. We have another who also is submissive to us, and I guess you would consider her our girlfriend also, should you so choose to. Under more liberal legislation in the United States (yeah right) that would make it permissible to marry more than one, our girlfriends would be wife #2 & #3 without question.

But these United States are not very liberal in some mindsets… especially when it comes to the institution of marriage.

We (those of us within the poly community) are normal, everyday citizens who work, pay taxes, have families and all that good stuff, we just happen to have a more pragmatic approach to the concept of love, more of an agape love that mixes in with romantic love.

The one Bible verse that most anyone would throw up in an argument such as this when Poly unions get tossed up against Monogamous unions is 1 Corinthians 13, verses 4-8, which state:

Love is patient, love is kind. It does not envy, it does not boast, it is not proud.

It does not dishonor others, it is not self-seeking, it is not easily angered, it keeps no record or wrongs.

Love does not delight in evil but rejoices in the truth.

It always protects, always trusts, always hopes, always perseveres.

Love never fails. But where there are prophecies, they will cease; where there are tongues, they will be stilled; where there is knowledge, it will pass away.

Now, let most who are in monogamous relationships tell you, we “deviant poly folk” don’t understand the meaning of that verse. After all, we “dishonor” our mate by getting into romantic entanglements, therefore we don’t “protect” our mate’s state of mind because there is supposedly no stability in a poly union.

Yeah, there’s not much stability in ANY union, to be real, and on both sides of the coin, neither has a very good track record when it comes to success rates.

As my sis, Rae Lamar, phrased in her two book series, Unlike Me/Somewhere in Between (what I affectionately call the Bree series): Love is love…managing it is the problem.

If you take nothing else away from this, it is that no relationship model is perfect: not monogamy, not open relationships, no polyamory or polygamy or polygyny…

If you and your significant other(s) can manage the day-to-day grind that being in a relationship places on you, then you are already ahead of the 50-60% that have already failed in doing what you are willing to work hard at keeping things together.

Now, what, you ask, does this have to do with the upcoming re-release of my novel, The Awakening?

Well, because the central couple in my series is a poly couple…there’s no monogamy involved in this series whatsoever.

But you know me by now…I have to be different, and different and sexy is what sells nowadays, and I plan to sell a lot of before it’s all said and done. IJS!

Where can readers find you online?

Your readers can hook up with me on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Goodreads, too.


FB Fan Page:

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Life seems well within the “Nubian Underworld” of the ATL, as Ramesses, his wife Neferterri, and their submissives are at the center of what can only be described as “paradise” by those who have seen the debauchery within. Amenhotep, Ramesses’ mentor, is on the verge of bringing in his newest slave to reside with him at the Palace, and the entire community has been invited to witness the decadence of the grounds and the libidinous nature of the guests in attendance.

Unfortunately, life is not always a bed of roses… sometimes the thorns must be felt.

All hell breaks loose when Ramesses and Neferterri begin losing their submissives for a variety of reasons, and Amenhotep gets caught up in a sting operation that makes the local news and threatens to blow the lid off of the Atlanta Fetish community that thrives on the anonymity that is enjoyed by all. Despite it all, everyone in the circle is there for one another, no matter the consequences.


Being in the Fulton County Jail was a bittersweet moment for me.

Before I turned to professional shutterbug I wanted to be a detective, like my father before me. So, being at the jail wasn’t supposed to give me the butterflies in my stomach I felt. It felt like an eternity walking towards the communication area to speak to Amenhotep, but somehow I managed to get there.

Seeing Him on the other side of that window, my heart damn near broke. Here was a man who made me the Dominant I am. Now, here he sat, an accused rapist and kidnapper, eyes completely bloodshot from staying up all night in the holding cell before they moved him to general population. I refused to take pity, though. In my mind He was never guilty in the first place. I was going to move heaven and earth to make sure He comes out of this without much of a scratch on him, mainly because I knew He would do the same for me. Family has to look out for each other.

I picked up the receiver, making eye contact with Him for the first time. He looked human to me, after looking like a god for so long. “How are You holding up?”

“Not good, youngster. I’m not even supposed to be in here,” Amenhotep stated through the receiver.  “Ramesses, I didn’t do it. she said awful things, man. Said I raped her…abused her,


I sat there and watch helplessly as He was nearly reduced to tears. The first thing on my mind was whether the other slaves were okay.

“paka came down as soon as she found out. The cops took the computers…everything in

the dungeon that wasn’t bolted down.” Amenhotep repeated what paka told him earlier. “All of the girls gave statements to dispute what safi told the cops.”

“Why the hell would she say such things? You have a reputation within the community. she’s got to be aware of that.” My anger was boiling and mounting with each passing moment and with each word I spoke.

“Something spooked her. I know it,” Amenhotep regained his composure. “Either that, or she’s pissed about something. But what was it? I treated her like I treat all My girls.”

Yeah, every one of the girls was treated the same way, except for paka. The green eyed monster was on the loose. Damn.

“I’ve got some tough questions for You, Sir, and I need straight answers,” Ramesses took over inside of me, and it was needed. “How old is safi?”

You know better,” Amenhotep didn’t like my tone, but I really didn’t care at that point.  We were family, yes, but there was no time to look at things with rose-colored glasses. “I taught You, remember that.”

“What…was…her…age?” I commanded. I didn’t back down like I normally did when He asserted Himself and didn’t want to answer questions. Too much was at stake.

“19. Confirmed,” Amenhotep replied. “Next.”

“What was her status?” I stated, moving on to the next point of fact I needed. By status, I wanted to know in what capacity was safi supposed to serve as. In His House there were two

categories: sexual and domestic.

“Sexual and domestic,” Amenhotep again answered in a monotone voice. “Next.”

“Did You corrupt her station?” In asking that question, I meant did she begin to think that she was more than what her station dictated… and more importantly, did He give her the impression she meant more than her station suggested.

“I decline to answer.” Amenhotep shut down, pulling His ear away from the receiver.

“Not good enough, Sir,” I warned. I motioned for him to place His ear to the receiver. “Rumors will run rampant, and I need ammo to combat things until You post bond.”

“How long have we known each other?” Amenhotep asked, pushing His face closer to the glass.

“Sir, You are My mentor, and I love You like a father, but I need and I will get full disclosure.” I was blunt about my intentions, even if the answer would hurt.

Yes, I did!

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Thanks for visiting my blog, Shakir, and readers, good luck in the contest!

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  4. Shakir, I read a dom/sub contract once. Is that fairly typical in these types of relationships, and are they enforceable by law or is it something that’s just used internally in the relationship(s)?


    • Most contracts are not legally binding in a court of law. Usually there are other binding contracts when it comes to proprietary rights and such. Anyone can walk away from a D/s contract.


  5. Hi Shakir! I have had the privilege of reading Deviant Intent: Obsession and found it to be a very interesting read and indeed different since I’m use to read more traditional romances and some erotica. I can’t wait for the book The Awakening.


    • Hi Tramaine! I’m glad you enjoyed OBSESSION…that series is being picked up by my publisher for re release in 2015, so I hope you’ll be with me until then…

      The Awakening is where Dominic got his start, so, you will have fun making the connection.


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    Was it always your intent to have a polyamorous relationship? How old where you when you first realized your relationships would not follow societal norms?


    • Good questions. I’d like to know the answers, too.


    • In honesty, I was in my early 20s when I was doing what I now know as polyamory…when I was dating, I always told the women I dated that they were not the only one, and only when I felt I wanted to choose one would I cut the others off…

      I guess I never grew out of it. LOL

      When my wife and I began dating, we shared a mutual understanding about our preference for polyamory, and the rest is history.


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    • DeeDee we were both lifestyle when we met, and she brought up the poly concept while we were dating, not the usual flow where the man tries to convince the woman…

      I’m blessed and spoiled in that sense…great question!


  15. This was a very enlightening interview; I got a chance to learn a few things I didn’t know, and was curious about, but didn’t have a chance to ask. I also got a chance to “meet” Shakir, and get to know him as an author a bit better.


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    Shakir, would you be opposed to the idea of another male in your relationship if your wife and submissive asked?


    • Lady Orchid,

      My wife has a boyfriend that I know and get along with quite well. I “approved” of him, and actually suggested that they get together one night when we were at his house with his wife. We’d known each other for years and it felt like a natural progression for them.

      So all of that is to say, no I’m not opposed to it LOL…that’s already come to fruition 🙂


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    The winner of the ebook is Marcella :)… Congratulations, love, email me at so I can gift you the ebook. 🙂

    Thanks again everyone…


    • Thank you so much, Shakir! I appreciate the ebook! I have a feeling I will be clutching my imaginary pearls. LOL!

      Thank you Delaney for hosting Shakir on the blog. Never a dull moment. I learned quite a bit yesterday!!




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