Giveaway (one day only!) and The Right Kind of Love by Roxy Wilson

Please welcome Roxy Wilson to my blog! She’s a fellow islander and is here to share details about her new interracial romance, The Right Kind of Love.

Tell us about yourself.

I’m the wife of a wonderfully supportive husband and the mother of three precocious, but precious kids.  As a life-long educator, I’ve taught almost all levels of the educational system, from kindergarten, right up to the department of teacher education.  Perhaps, it was because I was born and bred in the Caribbean, I love tales featuring Brer Anansi, Papa Bois, Soucayant, and La Diablesse, all of whom are characters of West Indian folklore.  What’s more, I enjoy attending plays, which are written and directed by local playwrights.  When I’m not writing stories or poems, I can be found curled up in bed, reading.  Other times, you’ll find me trying out a new recipe with my thirteen year-old daughter, who also enjoys cooking.  And when funds are available, I enjoy visiting the many islands of the Caribbean.

What is the most romantic gesture you’ve ever received?

That would be when my husband arranged to have me whisked away from my classroom, and straight to the airport, so I could meet him in St. Lucia.  We stayed at the same hotel, and in the same room that we did, when we were on our honeymoon.  It’s a birthday I’ll never, ever forget.

What type of music do you listen to?

I have an eclectic taste in music, ranging from calypso, soca, reggae, to R&B from the 80’s, soft rock, and a bit of heavy metal.  During the Christmas season, I love to listen to parang and its variants, soca parang, and chutney soca parang.

What are your favorite types of movies to watch?

As long as there’s action, I’ll watch it.  So, think X-Men, Thor, Spiderman, Superman and G.I. Joe.  From time to time, I’ll watch a romantic comedy or two.

What types of books are on your bookshelf at home?

That runs the full gamut of genres, from romance, Shakespeare, mysteries, drama, poetry and westerns, to autobiographies/biographies, devotionals and Biblical study guides.

What is your favorite body part on a man or woman?

Definitely a man’s shoulders.  I love them wide and square; better to wrap around me, and make me feel safe and warm.

Finish this sentence: You gotta love a man who…

…knows how to make a woman feel as if she’s the only one who rocks his world, the only woman who makes his life complete. 

Short answer choices:

Leather or lace? leather

Long or short hair? Long hair

Fruity drink or strong liquor? Fruity drink with a dash of strong liquor

Heels or flats? flats

Jeans or skirt? skirts

Coffee or tea? Tea, as long as it’s sweet

Glamorous girl or girl next door? Girl next door

Picky eater or adventurous? adventurous

Glamorous makeup or au naturale? It depends on the type of occasion.

Sexy bed-head or sophisticated coif? Sophisticated coif

What inspired you to write your latest release?

A Facebook friend posted an article, An Interracial Fix for Black Marriage, by Ralph Richard Banks.  I read it and was intrigued.  I started conducting searches on YouTube to see if Professor Banks had appeared on any programs. Luck would have it that he was a specially invited guest on many talk shows, as well as on CNN.  Then, I started reading romance stories featuring interracial characters.  I was hooked.  After reading one of Marilyn Lee’s novels, featuring a Native American hero and a black heroine, I figured I could try my hand at writing a romance story, too.  However, I decided that my story would feature a black woman and a white man, who have to overcome the challenges of being an interracial couple.  Within a month, I had penned the Right Kind of Love.

What can readers expect from you next?

I’m working on a novella, featuring two best friends and a baby.  It will be my first attempt at self-publishing.  I’m hoping to have it ready in time for Valentine’s Day.


New Yorker Sloane Saunders has just about given up on love. She’s thirty-something and very single. A magazine article jolts her from her malaise and motivates her to do something she’s never tried before: online dating, and is the website of choice.

Attending his brother’s bachelor party was the wake-up call Blake Morrison needed. Memories of a passionate relationship from his past drive him to return to claim his woman. Sloane. Despite the sizzling chemistry between them, it’s not as easy as he thought. With a family crisis and Sloane’s preconceived notions about love and relationships getting in the way, can Blake convince Sloane they have the right kind of love and that a love like theirs can last?


“Damn, Sloane, if that guy stares any harder at you, he’s going to bore a hole through your back. You know him?”

Sloane didn’t need to look to see whom Noah was referring to, because she knew the exact moment Blake had entered the room. It took all her willpower not to drink him in with her eyes, because he looked so debonair in his suit. She wanted to go across and greet him, but she felt a bit nervous, especially as they hadn’t spoken to each other since their disastrous movie night. A while ago, when Harper wove a story about some mishap she and Malcolm had encountered last Friday night, Sloane had made the decision to go over and say hello to Blake. Then Noah invited her to dance with him. How could she refuse when they were on a date? Their first date as a result of It was hard for her to concentrate on him though, when all her thoughts were focused on Blake. Merely thinking about Blake’s musky, earthy scent, and the way his hands felt while he held her, made her pulse quicken.

Noah whispered something in her ear, but she didn’t pay much attention to what he said. She just chuckled softly and pretended to be having fun, when all her thoughts were focused on Blake. She could tell Noah liked her a lot. He had a great sense of humor, which was a definite plus. When Sloane learned Noah was one of the senior partners in an Albany law firm, she remembered Harper urging her to look for variety in the men she dated.

Still, under other circumstances, Noah would have been a good guy to get to know better, but she wasn’t into him. Sure he was good looking and could probably pass for Shemar Moore who played Derek Morgan on Criminal Minds. But Noah didn’t make her pulse race, or her hands tremble like Blake did.

Oh God…


The only man who could make her react this way.

How could she follow through with another date with Noah? It wouldn’t be fair to him. Did it matter? A relationship between her and Blake was doomed to fail, so why give it a chance in the first place? Perhaps, she didn’t need chemistry, only stability and predictability. A relationship with Blake would be far from predictable, especially given the kind of judgmental world they lived in.

“He’s not the kind to do something stupid, is he?” Noah eyed Blake, his lips curled. “I can deal with him if you like.”

Oh my goodness, I never even answered Noah’s first question. Come on, Sloane, keep your head in the game.

“Never mind, him. He’s just one of my friends from high school.”

“Seems to me, he thinks of you as much more than a friend, from the way he’s looking at you.”

“Blake’s just a little protective, is all. Always has been, always will be.”

“Well, if he stares at you any harder I might be tempted to call security.” Noah smiled to show he meant it as a joke.

“Blake’s harmless. I’ll go over to say hi to him after this song is over.”

“Uh, uh. It’s too late. Here comes Frank Farmer.”

If Sloane wasn’t so nervous, she would have chuckled at Noah’s reference to the film, The Body Guard, but her eyes, her body, her mind, her heart were too focused on the man who permeated every thought she’d had for the last few days.

“Do you mind if I cut in?” Blake stood slightly behind Noah and addressed him, but his eyes were only on Sloane.

Noah looked at Sloane as if to make certain she’d be willing to dance with Blake.

“That’s fine, Noah.”

Noah nodded his head imperceptibly, leaned in and placed a gentle kiss on her cheek.

No chemistry.

No heart palpitations.



Not like the way she felt just from being a few feet away from Blake.

She and Blake watched Noah until he faded into the crowd.

Blake was the first to speak. “Will you dance with me?”

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Thanks for the great contest and visiting my blog, Roxy!


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    • Hi P,

      Your comment confirms what I’ve always thought about characterization in the stories we read; the names writers choose for their characters are very important. I’m glad you like the names, Blake and Sloane.

      Thanks for sharing.

      Roxy Wilson


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    • Thank you, Donna. I’m so glad the storyline interested you to such an extent, that you got your own copy. I hope it lives up to your expectations. Feel free to contact me to let me know what you thought of it.

      Roxy Wilson


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    Thanks for sharing! Good job as always Delaney!

    Belinda G
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    • Yes, Belinda! I remember you stopping by on another blog. I hope you’ve had a great start to the new year.

      I’m so glad to hear the book interested to such an extent, that you decided to get a copy of it. I’ll be happy if you shoot me an email to let me know what you thought of it.

      Thanks for stopping by.

      Roxy Wilson


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    As a lover of reading in any and every genre, I find that of late, I have been drawn to the traditional and erotic romance story. I greatly enjoy losing myself, albeit briefly, in the fantasy of interracial romances and am constantly on the hunt for new and exciting writer’s to address my literary passion. After reading your interview and story excerpt, I think I have found a very good reading prospect. I am confident that you will gain many new fans with your writing style and with the endorsement of Delaney Diamond, you will be a best seller!


    • Wow, Kimberly! You’re comment is so encouraging, and am happy you liked the excerpt. I, too, have found myself very passionate about interracial romance stories, and have ‘gobbled up’ many of them in the last eighteen months.

      There are many seasoned authors, like Delaney Diamond, and some up-and-coming ones, who’ve written very compelling, yet entertaining IR/MC romance stories. I’m always on the lookout for new ‘voices,’ as well.

      I hope if you ever get the opportunity to read the Right Kind of Love, that you’d enjoy it.

      It was a pleasure ‘talking’ with you.

      Roxy Wilson


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      Roxy Wilson


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      Roxy Wilson


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    • Hi Leni

      It was always a dream of mine to write, and in my ‘other’ life I’ve had my work published by Macmillan Education. But there was just a certain je nais se quoi about that particular book by Marilyn Lee, which made me think it was possible for me to write an IR romance story too. And that, I did!

      Thanks for asking your question.

      Roxy Wilson


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      Roxy Wilson


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