My Website Got a Face Lift!

Check out my new website! Christina C. Jones, an author whose books I enjoy, is also a web designer. She completed the redesign for me and I’m very happy with it.

This weekend I worked on moving around content on the various pages so now, when you land on the home page, you’ll see my latest releases, and instead of having three Books pages (Sweet, Sensual, and Coming Soon), I now have one. All of the books are divided by series, which makes it a lot easier for anyone who’s new to my writing to know which order to read them in.


To coincide with the new website, I started using MailChimp for my newsletter. In addition to blog posts, the newsletter will include deleted scenes from my novels, background on the stories, photos that may have inspired me, and other information just for newsletter subscribers.

What Should You Do?

Email subscribers to my blog have already been subscribed to my newsletter, so you don’t have to do anything. However, if you subscribed to my blog via and want to get all the updates, you’ll have to subscribe to my newsletter on your own. Just click the button in the side bar to subscribe.

What Else Should You Do?

Unsubscribe from my blog. I know that sounds crazy, but here’s why: you’ll get all of my blog posts twice—because you’re currently a blog subscriber and a newsletter subscriber. I use for my website, and they don’t allow me to delete blog subscribers. To avoid getting a duplicate and getting extremely annoyed, unsubscribe now.

Perfect, Book 2 of the Johnson Family series

I still plan to release Perfect this fall. I’ll have a date for you very soon.

Have a great week!


Questions? Leave them in the comments or send me a private email, and I’ll get back to you.

15 responses to “My Website Got a Face Lift!

  1. Love the new design, Delaney (and Christina) – Congrats!


  2. Beautiful website. Easy to navigate and chock-full of info.


  3. Sorry wrong log-in. Nakia D. Morgan~


  4. Thomas, Mericia

    Hope all is well with you thank for the update.


  5. Beautiful face-lift, Delaney! Great job, Christina!


  6. stephaniebartley1

    Sorry it took me so long to respond, just getting back from vacation. I love the new look. I can hardly wait for your new releases. Congrats on the new face lift…..


  7. Beautiful work! Congrats, Delaney!

    That Christina is a true talent!