Blurb and Sneak Peek at PERFECT (Book 2 of the Johnson Family series)!

The manuscript for Perfect has been completed and is in the editor’s hands! As you know, this is Cyrus’s story, the oldest sibling of the Johnson Family clan. What you don’t know, is that Cyrus is married, and you’ll meet his estranged wife, Daniella, in the novel.

What kind of man is Cyrus?

  1. He flaunts his wealth. He enjoys the finer things in life, works hard, and sees no reason why he should down play the amount of money he has.
  2. He believes the end justifies the means. Even if he upsets others, he does whatever needs to be done and deals with the fallout later.
  3. He takes his responsibilities toward his family very seriously.
  4. He will do anything to get his estranged wife to come back to him.

What kind of woman is Daniella?

  1. She’s angry at her father. He left when she was young and she’s never forgiven him for it.
  2. She believes trust is the most important aspect of any relationship.
  3. She hates fighting dirty, but has learned that sometimes it’s a necessity.
  4. She loves her husband, even if she doesn’t know it yet.

Below is the blurb and an unedited excerpt from the novel. Enjoy!


Cyrus Johnson is rich, powerful, and used to getting his way. When his estranged wife shows up at his office demanding a divorce once and for all, he not only refuses, he makes a demand of his own.

Daniella Barrett-Johnson has very little bargaining power where Cyrus is concerned, and he’s already used his vast financial resources to prolong their divorce and keep her tied to him. Her only hope is to give him what he wants, but if she does, how will she ever be able to leave him for good?

EXCERPT (unedited)

Perfect_1600x2400“There’s chemistry between us,” Cyrus said. “Always has been from the beginning. That hasn’t changed.”

“Maybe on your end.”

He captured her gaze, eyeing her with skepticism. “Are you saying you’re no longer attracted to me? That I can no longer make your toes curl?”

Inside her patent leather heels, her toes contracted. “That’s exactly what I’m saying.”

A slow smile spread across his full lips. The type of smile a fox had right before it raided the hen house. “Prove it.”

Her breathing arrested for a nanosecond, but she quickly recovered. “How am I supposed to do that?”

“Kiss me.”

“We kissed at the restaurant.”

“That was a peck on the lips. I want you to give me a real kiss, and if you don’t feel anything, then we do it your way.”

“No.” She backed up a couple of feet. It was a trap, one that would ensnare her for sure. “I don’t have to prove anything to you.”

“Scared?” The softly spoken word was filled with mocking challenge.

“I told you before I’m not afraid of you.” She lifted her chin with a boldness she was far from feeling.

“Then give me a kiss.” He ate the distance between them with one long stride. “One little kiss, and if you prove me wrong, we do this your way.”

She lowered her lids against the seductive quality of his voice and stared down at the rich burgundy carpet. Her breathing had already grown fractured at the mere thought of kissing him.

“You know this is my favorite color on you,” he said. His fingertip swept the seam of her lips and made them tingle. “It’s distracting. Is that why you wore it? So you could distract me?”

She’d forgotten she was wearing ruby red lipstick. In truth he preferred her to be au naturale, but when she wasn’t his favorite color lipstick was ruby red. He said the color gave her lips a fullness and plumpness that turned her mouth into an invitation, begging to be kissed.

“I didn’t wear it for you,” she said.

He took her hand, and a shiver of awareness raced up her arm. He ran the blunt tip of his thumb over the spot where her rings used to be. Her pulse started to dance, faster and faster. “One little kiss, Dani.” He pressed his lips to the back of her fingers.

The inside of her belly trembled, as if a family of moths had taken up residence there. He pulled her closer, and she went to him with little resistance. She was shaking. She wanted him to kiss her. Badly.

One hand went to her back and trailed up and down her spine in a slow caress. Despite his cold, cruel nature in business, Cyrus was a very sensual man and a master of seduction.

He drew her closer until she was pressed against him. He was semi-erect, which was fitting because she was semi-wet.

Against the stimulus of his hard chest, her breasts pebbled and her breathing became shallow. She felt his hard strength and fought the reaction the best she could, not wanting to give him the satisfaction of being right.

His labored breathing could be heard in the quiet room. “One little kiss, Dani.”

It wouldn’t be one little kiss. She knew it and was certain he did, too. He would consume her, because that’s what he did. She lost all sense of the present and time when caught up in his arms.

Cyrus lowered his head, and in the next instant their lips fused together. This kiss was different from the one at the restaurant. It was tender, even affectionate, and Daniella leaned in, enjoying the flavor of him way too much. She held onto his biceps, the power and strength of his arms sending little darts of pleasure along her spine.

Engulfed in the thrill of touching him again, she was unable to move away, and she certainly didn’t want to. His lips were warm, and little by little he increased the pressure against hers. The hand at her back dipped to her backside and tightened. She gasped into his mouth, the blossom of heat invading her thighs.

When he lifted his head, she felt bereft, and he must have felt it, too, because his nostrils flared and he groaned—the sound in the back of his throat so low she almost didn’t hear it. Need flashed in his half-closed eyes. He dipped his head again and heaven help her, she lifted her mouth to meet his and parted her lips for his invasion.

—Mark your calendar for Cyrus and Daniella’s story, tentatively scheduled for a September 26th release! 


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25 responses to “Blurb and Sneak Peek at PERFECT (Book 2 of the Johnson Family series)!

  1. WOW! So looking forward to this – can’t wait to see this side of Cyrus. The Cyrus in book 1 always seemed inflexible and stiff (um, no pun intended!) HA!


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  5. Sometimes excerpts can do more harm than good…lol! Such a tease. I was so into it that I forgot it was about to be cut off soon. I started getting comfortable, my breathing got erratic…then BAM it all ends. When working out you suppose to do a cool-down to slowly bring your heartbeat back to normal…I should have remembered that. I wasn’t sure anything could top “Unforgettable” but to see Cyrus brought down a notch will make this a 6 star book.


    • Nakia, thank you for that compliment about Unforgettable! Cyrus is strong, but you know how it is when strong men fall in love. They fall hard. So…get that 6th star ready. You might need it.


  6. Thomas, Mericia

    Thank you for the update I will get my book.


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  11. Any hints on the story line for Just FRIENDS ?


    • Hi Searain, thank you for asking. I included an excerpt from Just Friends at the end of Perfect. That’s the only thing I have to share right now. 🙂 The story’s still evolving, but for sure I’ll have more for you in coming months.


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  13. Cyrus is a mess but a handsome mess. I enjoyed reading about him and Daniella. Great job. Waiting on more.